Can’t quite leave a city without visiting the old district, right?

In the late morning, I took a taxi from Zone Viva to the historic centre (think it cost about 50-60Q [~8 USD]). Alike many other cities, the most important buildings were built around Central Park with a fountain. Around it was the National Palace and the Cathedral. There was a shopping arcade, which felt like an Italian shopping arcade, and sold mostly jewelry. To the southwest of the Park, there was a pedestrian shopping street. To the West of the park was the National Library. And to the east of the Park behind the Cathedral was a local market.

After a quick survey of the imposing buildings around the Park, I headed to the market. The market was a pretty entertaining experience for me, as it gives me an idea of what is important to people, and I guess it also gives me some sense of cultural difference sometimes. First off, there was a lot of religious paraphernalia like candles, and other religious statues. This was almost like the street in Tinos that was leading up to the church. Another thing which I found amusing was how dry foods were sold – the dog food bag was beside the rice bag! Outside the market, there was also a little van selling Christian music by blaring it through a loudhailer.

After the walk in the market, I headed East, and walked down the pedestrian shopping street. Wasn’t particularly looking for anything, but I ended up in a building with really old arcade machine, and a guy who rocked in Dance Dance Revolution. I guess it just reminded me of the days I used to spend sitting in arcades and playing games, some ten to fifteen years ago. It did bring me on a journey back in time, where some of the machines were not in big arcade operators, but a few machines thrown together by an enterprising shopowner.

I am a little ashamed to say that I did not hop on to one of the chicken buses. It was somewhat terrifying!

Central Park

National Palace


Religious paraphernalia

Some music while shopping

Dog food and rice

Art Deco


Chicken Bus

Cool, cute building

Megatron Disco

Pedestrian shopping street

DDR maestro

The owner of the legs