I’ve definitely been to Hong Kong several times, due to my family’s predilection for taking annual holidays to Hong Kong. I’ve always thought it was boring, because we pretty much never go further than say, 2 miles from the little strait that separates Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Knowing that this is probably one of the last times I’ll take a family holiday on my parents’ dime to Hong Kong given that I’ll be moving to the US soon, I decided to try and explore Hong Kong for real. For today, I decided that to explore places that are often depicted or mentioned in Hong Kong dramas – Sai Kung, and the Wishing Tree in Tai Po.

First stop – the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree in Tai Po. I think I stopped at the Tai Po Market station, which is actually pretty close to the border with China. From there, take either a 25K or 64K bus, and that will drop you off at the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree. Erm, I guess try asking the bus driver when to get off. Anyways, I got off, walked towards the tree. You can no longer hang anything on the tree, despite all the shows about throwing your blessing on it. But the ladies who act as custodians of the tree will instruct you on what to do. You will be quoted a low price for the blessings, but they’ll ask you for a higher price as a tip. You can always risk your karma if you don’t want to tip. Or you can just choose not to do anything, and just visit the site.

Wishing Tree at Lam Tsuen

Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree

After that, I got myself back on the MTR, and headed to Diamond Hill Station for a look at the sea in Sai Kung. I hopped onto bus 92 (it’s pretty easy, just take a look at the guide at the bus stop) for the trip to Sai Kung. By the time I arrived, it was a little late for me to do some hiking, but they do have a resource centre there, and you can sign up for some of the coastal hiking tours, which I think would be a pretty interesting view of Hong Kong. I think it’d definitely change perspectives of Hong Kong merely as a spot for shopping and food, if other tourists can see some of the natural landscapes. I just walked the jetty and took in some of the sea air. After which, I just made my way back to meet my parents for dinner in Hong Kong.

Sai Kung

Sai Kung

Seafood sellers at Sai Kung

Seafood for sale in Sai Kung