We flew from Singapore to Shanghai in the morning, with an hour transit in Hong Kong. This left us with little time to do stuff, except have dinner, by the time we arrived in Shanghai.

We met my cousin for dinner at Jade Chinese Restaurant in Intercontinental Hotel, which served Cantonese and Shanghainese cuisine. I am under the impression that Central China (华中) is famous for its small dishes, and so, the food was appropriately small in its servings. The taste was very subtle. Not quite my kind of thing, but I am sure it has its attractions for people who have a finer palate than mine. Unfortunately, my favourite is the 红烧肉 (roasted pork?), which is really tasty, but extremely sinful, due to the layers of pork fat. Melts in the mouth, but I would advise one not to eat it too often.

The meal came up to about 500 RM (100 SGD / 75 USD) for 8 people. There were about 10 dishes.


Lotus Roots


Roasted pork?

Pan Fried Buns Stuffed with Minced Pork