Greece – Mykonos to Santorini, 16 June 2009

We took a morning ferry from Tinos to Mykonos, and after we disembarked, we headed towards another travel agency, and purchased our onward journey from Mykonos to Santorini on the same afternoon. We walked around a little, got some lunch (yes, that’s turning into a theme for our trip) There certainly were many Singaporeans around Mykonos; guess it wasn’t a bad thing we didn’t end up on some sort of regular tour route!

Boat to Santorini arrived slightly late, but well, at least it showed up! It was getting close to evening when we arrived in Santorini, and well, we had no plan for accommodations, but to hope for the best. Thankfully, like in Tinos, many of the guesthouse owners/their representatives actually waited as we left the boat. After looking through a few options, we wound up choosing Olympia Hotel in Fira, which was going for 30Eur for a double. It is a lovely, classic Greek white and blue building with a swimming pool. While it doesn’t have the infinity pools of some of the other fancier options, or sea views, it was fairly central, and a short walk to the town of Fira. Also, it’s just hard to argue with the price. The rooms were nice, and had an ensuite bathroom that was decent, too. The hotel staff are also incredibly nice.

After checking in, we headed towards Fira town, and ended eating – you guessed it – gyros pita again. This time round, this place had Asterix and Obelix as its mascots. We also made enquiries at one of the tour agencies in Fira town about getting a boat onward to the island of Crete.

Travel tip: During the mid/high season, ferries do fill up. You are advised to try and book ferry tickets at least two days in advance. We did that, and we almost always got the last seats left in the ferry. Close shave, if you ask me.

We ended the evening by chilling out at our porch with beers.

Mykonos Town

Town of Mykonos

Hotel Olympia, Santorini

Hotel Olympia

Hotel Olympia, Santorini

Hotel Olympia

Hotel Olympia, Santorini


Sunset from our porch


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