When I first planned the trip to Iran, I had planned for us to go back to Tehran, so that we will be in Tehran the day we are supposed to fly back to the UAE. But after asking a couple of people – and also because we like Esfahan and Dibai House so much – it is entirely possible to take a bus from Esfahan to the outskirts of Tehran, hop on a cab, and get to the airport for a mid-day flight. They have express buses that leave pretty regularly. We travelled with Hamsafar Travelling Company. Just ask around and you’ll find that out. It was brilliant, as we did not need to return to Tehran and get back out to the airport, which was about 40 mins from Tehran anyways.

Another day in the UAE, yet another mall. We checked back into the Holiday Inn Express Jumeirah, and then hopped onto a cab for Mall of the Emirates, as we heard so much about it. Also, we just needed grub. It was pretty uneventful. There were a couple of things about this mall that amazed me. First, the cars parked outside the mall probably costs at least 10 million bucks. Well, only the fancy ones like the lambos and ferraris dared park in front of the mall. Everyone else went to the garage. Second, they had like a pretty big ski park INSIDE the mall. Amazing.

A short note about UAE. There are dry emirates, and there are non-dry emirates. ‘Dry’ emirates are those that don’t have alcohol, don’t serve alcohol, etc. ‘Non-dry’ emirates are those that have alcohol. Dubai is not a dry emirate. Just a note for those who need their booze.

We had a substantial dinner at Chili’s (I know, I know), walked around a little, and went back to sleep off our food coma. Greece, be prepared for us tomorrow!

Fancy Cars Outside Mall of Emirates

Ski Park in Mall of Emirates