We definitely lucked out this year. After the 01 October holiday, we weren’t expecting any other school vacations, or the opportunity for a getaway. Thankfully, this year, Nanjing is hosting China’s annual sports meet. Consequently, we were given the week off, due to the crazy amount of human traffic expected. We took the opportunity to ask our trusty school travel agent to get us tickets to Qingdao. It has actually never occurred to me to go there, but YM’s parents brought her there once, and she has really fond memories of the place, so we went with her.

This time round, our travel agent booked us onto an overnight bus. It was actually quite an experience. Personally, although I have a deep fondness for trains, I do actually prefer the bus, as there’s nobody walking around. These sleepers are way smaller than the 6-berth sleepers on trains. I’m pretty sure they measured something like 1m by 0.5m. I slept pretty well, but poor YM can’t sleep on moving vehicles. The journey took about 6-8 hours. We ended up at Qingdao at 4 am, and ended up with a very satisfying bowl of wanton soup to combat the cold and groggy.

Overnight bus from Nanjing to Qingdao


Overnight sleeper bus in China

Wanton soup in Qingdao


Very welcome hot soup