We have another day in Xi’an, and so, we decided to explore the town of Xi’an and the Sha’anxi History Museum. In the morning we went to the old market, skipped by it. We had some food at one of the food court we found along the way, then in the late morning, we made our way towards the Sha’anxi History Museum.

Sha’anxi History Museum is one of the top four museums in China. It is housed in a beautiful building, and set in a beautifully landscape place. If you have a student pass in China, be sure to use it, as it really gives a huge discount to different attractions in China. It was a very informative display. I really liked how they tried to make their displays relevant, like the British Museum of Natural History. As Y is not a huge museum fan, we did not spend a lot of time there. Nevertheless, I’d highly recommend a trip to the Sha’anxi History Museum.

On a random side note about the museum. When my friends and I started living in China, one of our problems (mainly mine) was trying to find a clean toilet. So, we came up with a system to rate toilets, and one of us would go give a report based the check-list we came up with. A perfect score would be 20. The Sha’anxi History Museum has a toilet we gave a 17. Use it!

Xi'an Museum

Sha’anxi History Museum



Chess players by the street