Thailand – Pattaya, 25 July 2005

The morning saw us drag ourselves halfway across town to board our minivan heading towards Pattaya. Although I ever visited Pattaya 9 years ago, my vague memories of it include it being not one of the best places in the world to be in. When we arrived in Pattaya, I suddenly figured out why. SPGs were sprawling across the beaches of Pattaya, which was coated with a film of black oil. Okay, enough of my ranting about SPGs and Buayas.

Fortunately, we had specific activities in mind, including go-karting and para-sailing (for wanting that is), although trying to get to the rather elusive go-cart place proved to be fairly expensive and frustrating. (think jumping street numbers that leave you totally lost and clueless) However, the ten minutes of adrenalin that we got on the go-kart was fairly worth the trouble.

After go-karting, we headed back towards Pattaya Beach for Wanting’s cheap stint at para-sailing, after which we decided to reward ourselves by splurging on a nice meal at Hard Rock Cafe away from the sun, and in cool air-con comfort.

Pattaya Beach.jpg


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