Day started early at 9am, with a half-day tour of Cave Lod (Tham Lod), the Viewpoint and a black Lahu village. Cave Lod was a bit of a disappointment, as it was merely a short tour with the lantern guide pointing out rock formations. The anticipated bamboo raft ride was cancelled due to the rising water levels, leading to mild disappointment, as it would have brought us to the sinister sounding, but nevertheless, interesting coffin caves.

After the rather brief visit to Tham Lod, we were brought to a rather commercial looking Lisu village (think an English signboard saying, “welcome to Lisu village” at the entrance) along the main road, which ended fairly soon, after which we were brought to the viewpoint for a breath-taking view of the mountains. We also stopped to buy some knick knacks from the Lisu ladies who set up stalls there.

Returning to Pai at around 1pm with the whole day ahead, we decided to try and visit some of the sights surrounding Pai. At a bicycle kiosk, we were advised by the vendor to try our luck at a motorcycle vendor, who will teach us how to ride a motorbike rapidly, since the roads are better for motorbikes than for bicycles. (think steep uphill slopes)

With our new found mobility, we started towards a waterfall approximately 9km from Pai, after which we headed towards the Chinese refugee camp. After these visits, with enough time on our hands, we also drove towards the hot springs, though we ended up at the disappointing Pai canyon. (I have my suspicions that we didn’t exactly manage to go the right way)

This is one of the most unforgettable rides of my life– the wind blowing through my hair along the highway; chancing upon the astonishing scenery that a typical tour package would not have given, and the freedom to simply hop off as and when we wished for the photo opportunity. Indeed unforgettable.

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Lod Caves



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Countryside around Pai

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Our rides