Welcome to the world of budget airlines! This is my first experience and it involves a flight on AirAsia from Senai International Airport to Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah.

Arriving VERY early for the flight, the counters of the airport were still closed, and hence, a small venture of the airport was launched, leading to the discovery of Dunkin Donuts, which the Rube was salivating about. Under his influence, I got three donuts, including the double chocolate, chocolate pudding and crunchy peanut butter. Apart from that, Ealine and I had some fun trying to practise whatever Malay we could, though must say that our level of Malay is high inadequate!

When the counters opened, we were told that there would be a flight delay of 30 minutes for some generic reason which I did not catch, so we found ourselves with WAY too much time on our hands, and way too little to do in a small airport.

But well, finally it was time to board and unfortunately for Elaine, although she wanted to sleep onboard the plane, some little tyke sitting behind her with itchy legs decided to kick her chair for the duration of the flight! But for me, flight was a peaceful event which alternated between naps and reading.

Arriving at Kota Kinabalu at around 21 00, our growling stomachs were some cause for concern, as we feared that we might not be able to find cooked food at this hour, but thankfully, our fears were allayed as the fastfood joints in KK don’t close till midnight, giving us ample time to fill ourselves for the next day.

The Lone Jelly Donut.jpg


Lone Peanut butter jelly donut from Dunkin