Last day in Cambodia, and on the itinerary are Preah Khan and Ta Phrom.

Preah Khan is massive, so massive that I didn’t explore the whole of it. It seems to be a temple with a series of endless corridors, though different ‘rooms’ held different things, e.g. statues, linggas. But well, it was a hurried affair, as I had to get back to the guesthouse by around 14 00, and also because it was swamped by Korean tourists.

Ta Phrom makes for the classic photo, as it was left the way it was found, i.e. with nature exerting her strong presence amongst the ruins. Though with tiem being a huge factor, I didn’t venture far, as with Preah Khan, as I still had 10km of cycling on the return journey to Siem Reap.

Some quirky things observed on the road include signs for elephant crossing, and also a motorcycle with what must be 20 coconuts. (my fav is still the motorcycle with 5 pigs)

Ta Phrom.jpg

Ta Phrom

Bike with MANY Coconuts.jpg

Guy on bike with like 50 coconuts