Singapore – Marina Bay Sands Cheese and Chocolate Bar, 23 February 2015

Marina Bay Sands Cheese and Chocolate Bar

Hours: Daily, 8 pm – midnight

Price: Adult, SGD 48++; Child, SGD 24++ (options include wine and coffee pairings at additional costs)

Reservations: You can do it online, or by calling +65 6688 8858


I am back in Singapore for a short visit, and making good some of my promises to various good friends, including going to the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Chocolate Buffet, which is now re-branded as the Cheese and Chocolate Bar.


Situated on the 55th level of the MBS complex, a key draw of the Cheese and Chocolate Bar is the view. Arrive early, and ask the seating host to give you a city (or if you prefer, river) view of Singapore. I’m a city-scape person, so it was really a treat for me to enjoy my meal with a view of the Singapore skyline and waterfront.

Pairing cheese and chocolate is quite a work of genius. The savory and sweet do complement each other, and gives you the ability to keep going for a little while. Their cheese selection had some interesting flavor profiles, and I wish I knew enough about cheese to contribute to the conversation, but I don’t. So, all I shall mention is a rather pedestrian – it was nice.

Another aspect of the MBS Cheese and Chocolate Bar which I truly appreciated, is their inclusion of (unlimited) coffee and tea with the price. Their espresso machine is nothing special, but hey, a latte is a latte, and the bitterness of coffee goes well with chocolates. They also offer TWG teas, which was a nice way to cleanse the palate after a few servings of chocolate. Caffeine at the Fullerton buffet has to be purchased separately.


Quality-wise, I’d say that the chocolates at Fullerton Hotel’s chocolate buffet are somewhat superior in quality. In particular, I actually liked the hot chocolate tasting station at Fullerton Hotel, which featured some high quality chocolates. The chocolate spread at MBS Cheese and Chocolate Bar had probably about 20+ items (sorry, but putting out Snickers bars, Milky Way bars, and M&Ms don’t count – but perhaps might be good for the kids), and I did not have anything particularly memorable.

P.S. For those who’re really into food photos, be aware that it’s really dim, so bring a flash or something, if you really want to take good food photos.

Bottomline? Overall, it was a nice experience, given the view, and the mix of cheese and chocolate, alongside with the generous provision of caffeine. But I probably wouldn’t go there just for the chocolates.

Chocolate selection at MBS Cheese and Chocolate Bar


Cheese Selection at MBS Cheese and Chocolate Bar



Singapore – Ciel Patisserie, 10 November 2012

A little cake place recently opened near my place. It looks really pretty on the outside, and I have a weakness for chocolate pastries, so it’s only inevitable that I succumb to its allure. So, tonight was the night.

Meet Ciel Patisserie, located under a HDB block, in the Hougang area, nestled in Lorong Ah Soo. The pastries range from $2.00 for a bag of madeleines, to $5.80 for an opera cake for individual portions. They also do full-sized tarts and cakes that range from $22 to $47. Well, I wasn’t that crazy greedy, and just took away a chocolate hazelnut tart ($4.20). The chocolate was amazing. It doesn’t have that cheap sugar taste, and the chocolate has a rich taste, and very smooth texture. I highly recommend it. I have not tried their espresso drinks, but I suspect a latte ($3.90) would go very well with these sweets.

They are pretty small, and probably could seat about 10 people (inside and outside). They also offer various deals on weekdays, particularly at tea time. Do check out their website and Facebook Page for more details.

The details:

  • Hours: Tues – Thurs (11 00 – 20 00); Sat (11 00 – 21 00); Sun (15 00 – 21 00)
  • Address: Blk 124 Hougang Ave 1, #01-1444

Chocolate hazelnut tart @ Ciel


Chocolate Hazelnut Tart @ Ciel

Singapore – The Coffee Daily, 08 November 2012

One night, I saw The Coffee Daily while driving home from Serangoon Gardens. It looked so cute from the outside, that I decided I wanted to return one of these days to try out their coffee. Wise choice.

The Coffee Daily @ Brighton Crescent

Exterior of The Coffee Daily

Located at 75 Brighton Crescent (Serangoon Gardens), there is only one downside of The Coffee Daily – parking. It was horrendous.

Otherwise, this is an amazing place. The interior is really cute, and matches the clean, white exterior. They have both indoor and outdoor sitting. Aside from regular tables (which are good for working), they also have a nook, which features a sofa and a rocking chair. Overall, the place looks really old school, complete with all those old school biscuit tins.

Next, food and drinks. I only had a latte ($3.90). I was very happy with the price, and it came with a very tasty biscotti. In addition, they also gave me a little platter of those biscuits with coloured sugar on top. The latte was good as well. They also have a decent selection of cakes, ice cream, and I believe they do serve sandwiches as well. It’s really hard not to love the place.

Other stuff:

  1. Power plugs: about four power plugs, all along the main wall, closer to the counter.
  2. Hours: Mon-Thu (11 00 – 22 30); Fri/Sat/eve of PH (09 30 – 23 30); Sun (09 30 – 22 30)
  3. Wifi: not sure
  4. Service: Excellent

Latte @ The Coffee Daily

Latte @ The Coffee Daily

Coffee Daily @ Brighton Crescent


Seating @ The Coffee Daily

Cafe: Pies and Coffee, Singapore, 08 October 2012

I’ve been on the hunt for non-Starbucks cafes in Singapore for me to work at, and stumbled onto Pies and Coffee, located at the newly-developed Rochester area, which is beside Buona Vista MRT. It’s open from 09 00 to 23 00, and has both air-con and open-air areas. The open-air area is actually pretty nice, and has a waterfall thingy in the complex. They serve both savoury and sweet pies. I only had a sweet pie, but the savoury pies do look pretty good. Maybe I’ll return to try it the next time! Sweet ones go for about SGD 7 and the savoury ones go for SGD 10. Espresso drinks go for about SGD 5, and are pretty good. It’s also a fairly quiet and nice place, so if you want do some work, or just have conversation, it’s a pretty good option.

Wifi: They have a secured wifi, but I’m not sure if it’s available to paying guests. I’m pretty happy with not knowing.

Pies and Coffee @ Rochester

Pies and Coffee

Oreo Cheesecake and Latte